Shin Kou founded in 1988 Specialized manufacturing development Plastic accessories

We specialize in producing all kinds of plastic buckles

Normal Buckle, Baby Carriages Buckle, Cord Ends, Foot pad, Snap Button, Glasses bag fitting, Handle, Hook, Support Stickers, Books Bags Buckles, Plastic Turn Locks, Ring Fastener, Snap Button, Ropes Buckle, Tri-Glide, Shoulders Pads, Staircase Buckle, Mold Development, Zipper Head, Luggage Accessories, Injection foundry, Clothing accessories, Stationery around and so on.




No. 26, Ln. 63, Kai’an Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City 709, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



Business Content

Specifically for customers O.D.M. and O.E.M. services; customer attributes are mostly foreign importers and traders, and some export products within the manufacturing plant.

Hot Products

Up to two hundred kinds of products, selected hot-selling areas, any plastic mold production products, can be customized to ask!

Industry News

  • What is the best plastic injection?

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the plastics industry and the continuous improvement of plastic properties, plastic parts have been more widely used. Plastic parts are replacing traditional metal parts in different fields. A well-designed plastic part can often replace multiple Traditional metal parts, so as to simplify product structure and save manufacturing costs...

  • Taichung Industrial exhibition

    The Taiwan Plastics Industry Association was held in the 18th Second Member Congress. In his speech, the chairman said that the output value of plastic products-related industries is about 3-4 million Taiwan dollars, and it belongs to the damaged industry that is not protected by ECFA. It is subject to government resources and provides a platform for the plastic products industry to drive the output value to improve efficiency. String the industry chain together...

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    Unlimited order for unlimited time throughout the year.